Red English Golden Retriever: 10 Lowdown’s You`ll Know About This Puppy

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Taking into consideration a Red English Golden Retriever as a new member into the family? The today`s topic is going to take a closer look at this amazing breed.

Red English Golden Retriever 10 Lowdown's You`ll Know About This Puppy

Red Goldens have long been some of our favourite family canines, and they have “levitated” around the first 3 favourite dog breeds for the past few decades.

There aren`t too many people on this planet that have never met a Goldie! They are light-hearted Scottish gundogs of great charm that are among the most popular dog breeds in the US forever.

However, Red Goldies are a different manner. How are they any different than normal Goldens? This question, and a few others, will find their answer in this informative article. So, you`ll perhaps welcome a red Goldie into your lifestyle soon.

Or you probably heard someone “bragging” about their special Golden and you became attracted by the idea. No matter why you are here, we`ll try offering you the right facts on anything you have to be aware of.

There’s lot more to a Red Goldie than the color of their coat. And there isn`t just one particular distinction between one type of Golden and another!

So, take a breath and relax! We are going to take over while you are about to find out some really interesting insights about this amazing breed.

Red Golden Retrievers Have Also Other Names

Other than the Red English Golden Retriever, this dog is also known as the Dark Red Golden Retriever.

However, this canine is officially known as “Mahogany.”

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They Make Good Family Dogs

You won`t find a more loyal, affectionate family canine elsewhere. They do best with families that have active family members as they are canine with a lot of energy.

They are great with kids and they enjoy using their mouth quite a lot, which means they are kind of orally fixated.

In terms of intelligence, the Red Golden Retriever is a very smart dog, which is a great feature to have for a family dog.

As it happens, The Intelligence of Dogs, Dr. Stanley Coren`s great book about our best friends, stated that Goldens represent the 4th most intelligent canine breed.

Only Quality Nutrition for These Guys

Your Red English Goldie needs an appropriate quality pet food adequate for their age so they can receive all the required nutrients such a breed needs.

Keep in mind that these dogs can gain weight if their consumption of calories isn`t watched carefully. They can receive treats, but please give them in moderation.

These can also be an essential help during training. However, an increased amount of treats can lead to overweight.

Table scraps can be avoided, or at least, be given sparingly, specifically pet food with increased content of fat or cooked bones.

Make your own research about foods consumed by humans if you want to feed your pet with them. Also, talk to your veterinarian about any worries regarding your Golden`s diet or weight.

They Aren`t Hypoallergenic

Although these pooches are amazing canines to have around a family, they aren`t hypoallergenic!

We can`t say these dogs are great choices for people with serious allergic reactions as they shed quite often. – Click this link!

Having said that, there are 2 main things you could do regarding this matter:

  • Taking into account getting a Red Golden which has more of an athletic body and a shorter coat.
  • Brush your Mahogany on a regular basis.

Red Goldies Have High Energy Requirements

English, American or Canadian Golden Retrievers have increased energy canines, as they were originally bred with one single purpose – to work! And they really love their purpose!

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These days, their purpose changed for the most part to being companions during walks in the park or bicycle rides.

The aim should be to walk your Red English Goldie for about 1 -2 hours each day. You`ll find them to be great when it comes to jogging or running next to you.

Being one of those smart dog breeds, you`ll find that various sports such as agility or obedience come like a glove to them.

And you can stay calm if your Golden runs off your leash. They are cool when talking about strangers or other pets.

Red English Goldens Are Less Likely to Experience Cancer

There`s recent study that shows only 40% of European Goldens will experience cancer at some point during their lifetime opposite to 60% of their American Golden Retrievers.

This Vet Street quote outlines why this occurs:

When studied in a laboratory, the genes of American and UK Goldens are significantly different, suggesting that the risk of hemangiosarcoma is related to a relatively recent genetic alteration.

Vet Street

Good News When It Comes to Their Health

You would be happy to find out that this isn’t problematic breed in terms of health. The average life expectancy of a Red English Golden Retriever is anywhere around 11 and 12 years.

Obviously like any other dog breed, they are also prone to various ailments, so it will be a good idea for your Golden to be taken to the vet for regular checkups.

The most common health issues that involve them are hereditary disorders. Other common problems include hip dysplasia and obesity.

These Dogs Aren`t Very Expensive

Regardless of their coat color, a Goldie`s price floats around $ 500 and $ 2.500, considering where you live, the breeder`s reputation, and whether or not the pup actually descends from bloodlines of champions.

  • Breeder: The price of a healthy pup from a dog breeder that is reputable will cost you around $ 1.500 and $ 2.500. Canines that descend from champion lines will, obviously, cost more.
  • Pet Shop: Taking the reputation of the pet store into account as well as how well the Golden pup has actually been bred, the price will be close to $ 500 – $ 1.000.
  • Adoption: If you choose to adopt a Golden that doesn’t have any lineage documents or any sort of health clearances, you should expect to get out of your pocket about $ 500, or even less. Anything more than this, it isn`t worth it!
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Note: American Golden Retrievers are cheaper than their English neighbors!

They Are Amazing Matches for the Right Owner

For those particular dog lovers who like big and lively, active canines but who also have gentle and tender personality, a Red English Goldie will be the perfect match.

These particular pooches are among the few dog breeds that have been bred for their temperament and not their looks since the beginning of time.

And the beauty is that most breed standards will also include a certain truth – Goldies need to have a gentle, charming temperament.

From this specific point of view, Red English Golden Retriever puppies are the best possible family dogs one can have around.

Red Golden Retriever Fun Facts

  • Goldies are great when it comes to assistance, so you may see a lot of them around health centers and clinics.
  • They have what it`s known as “soft mouth,” as they were originally bred for the fetching game. They have a gentle grip!
  • Water is their thing! They love everything related to water (at least most of them). Fortunately, they also have thick enough coats so they can remain warm while bathing or playing in the water.
  • A Red English Golden Retriever has a wonderful smelling sense, as such, they are frequently used as rescue canines.

Final Word

As already mentioned above, the Red English Cream Golden Retriever is an amazing canine to have if you have a family. There just isn`t any other dog that can do this task better!

If you are sure a dog of this breed is a good match for you, give your pal what they need and you can be confident there won`t be any regrets.

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